Internal Protocol

There are times when Nature forces us to stop and become aware of our insignificance. COVID-19 is one of those moments. It is a wake-up call, an invitation to change. An opportunity to respect more of this wonderful planet that we inhabit and that, so often, we disrespect. More than focusing on what we have lost, we must appeal to what is most human in us and act towards change. We must fight to continue to exist, to move forward ...

So, in Chão do Rio ...

... we will continue to do our best to promote biodiversity and protect the indigenous forest;

... we will continue to promote liberating experiences in connection with nature and meeting with the family;

... we will continue to appeal to simplicity and to slow down as paths to happiness;

... we will continue to do all of this, but we will try to do it more safely, with reinforced hygiene rules and with greater social distance. You will be able to see us physically further away, but you will feel that we will be as close to you as we have never been.

Here, in Chão do Rio we will try to create your Safe Place! But know that we cannot do it without you, without your understanding, your collaboration. So let's all co-create your Safe Place!

On our part, we are committed to you and Turismo de Portugal to accept the rules of the Clean & Safe Seal. These rules aim to guarantee the safety of everyone: yours, that of our team and that of our community.

The COVID-19 context, the legal changes and the Clean & Safe commitment imply some changes that  you need to know, understand and accept. All of them are included in our internal protocol, which we invite you to read in full HERE, but which we now summarize

In our facilities

Our guest will find relevant information on how to protect themselves
Will find disinfectant gel for use in social areas and also at their house in Chão do Rio
We reinforce our cleaning and disinfection measures, using appropriate hygiene products
We use disinfectant nebulizer equipment, which we apply in our houses between changing guests, as a complementary safety measure
We provide self-service disinfectant spray equipment to protect our guests from the use of shared equipment (sunbeds, bicycles, picnic tables, playground)
We adapted our reception to function as an isolation room, in case of need
We removed elements that are difficult to disinfect, such as rugs, magazines, backpacks for guest use, etc.
We reduced the occupancy in order to avoid more than two houses changing guests per day (so we will have more time to sanitize everything that needs to be sanitized)
The biological pool will have its capacity reduced to cohabiting guests from two houses simultaneously (using different entrances)
Our reception is limited to one guest staying at a time (even if they are cohabitants)

Our team

Received training on our Internal Protocol, DGS guidelines for cleaning and disinfection and on how to comply with the basic rules for infection prevention and control, namely for daily self-monitoring of symptoms
Received personal protective equipment appropriate to the degree of risk of the duties performed
Received, uniform to change daily in the workplace
Is encouraged to schedule the vaccination

Is designated responsible for accompanying any case of suspected infection at Chão do Rio

Our guests

At the reception our guests will find surgical masks and gloves, as well as kits consisting of FFP2 masks and disinfectant wipes, that they may purchase
If needed is possible to postpone the reservation due to suspected symptoms of COVID-19, it is possible to do it free of charge, at any time up to the check-in date, for use within 6 months after the scheduled check-in date.
Will do electronic check-in
Should wear a mask in the social areas, especially at the reception, as well as on their trips and walks through the village of Travancinha
Need to ensure a social distance of at least 2 meters in all contacts in Chão do Rio and Travancinha village
In any need, should prioritize the previous telephone contact to +351 919 523 269 (we have WhatsApp)
Must leave their home during daily cleaning and schedule cleaning at check-in between 10:00 and 11:30. Cleaning will exclude washing dishes from the kitchenette, as a way to reduce the risk of exposure by the cleaning team.
Must reserve the period of use of the biological pool in a special panel for that purpose next to the pool
May receive a 5% discount on the total value of their stay if they do not require daily cleaning. Despite the discount, we will keep changing towels on request, as well as daily mid-week cleaning for stays of a minimum of 5 days.
May do requests for the reinforcement of breakfast of the next day until 16:30
Must close accounts and pay by 4 pm the day before their departure
Will be able to enjoy the outdoor spaces of Chão do Rio until 2 pm, but need to check out the houses by 11:00 am (only this way will be possible to guarantee compliance with all hygiene and disinfection rules)
Understand that exceptional cases may motivate changes in the check-in time, in such cases they will be informed in due time by Chão do Rio

Our suppliers / partners

Must pre-schedule the delivery of goods by telephone
Must unload the goods at the back of the reception, in the presence of a person in charge of Chão do Rio. The person in charge of Chão do Rio will ensure their disinfection before storing.
In our facilities, must wear a mask and ensure a minimum social distance of 2 meters
All partners must wear a mask and follow all basic prevention rules
Will not be able to enter Chão do Rio in case of illness or suspicion of illness by COVID-19
All suppliers and partners must ensure compliance with all hygiene and disinfection protocols, as well as all basic prevention measures and the existence of a contingency plan.

Visitors / passers-by

They will not be able to enter the premises. Any questions should be clarified by phone to + 351 919 523 269. This is an essential measure with a view to enhancing the security of all.


Chão do Rio has a contingency plan that will trigger in case of need.

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