In the farm

The best of country life are the simple things, those that we call simple pleasures and that stay attached to our childhood memories for ever. When we rediscover some of those things, we are taken to other times, times in where we used to live slowly.Here are some of our favorite pleasures:
  • pushing children in a wheelbarrow
  • pick up fresh eggs from the chicken coop
  • feed the sheep “Flor” (flower) and “Estrela” (star)
  • have a barbecue
  • have a picnic on the shade of oaks
  • wake up with the church bell
  • eat fruit on the top of the tree
  • pick up mushrooms from the ground
  • pick up fresh vegetables from the vegetable garden
  • bathing in the lake, swimming between dragonflies
  • read a book on the shade of a tree
  • take a nap on the hammock
  • see the stars in a sky without city lights
  • slide in the slippery rock
  • hear the laughter of children playing on the swing
  • watch the setting of the sun from the top of the cliff
  • feel the sweet smells of summer on a bike ride
  • walk on our forest in the “Moira” (fairy) Trail
  • be amazed by a wild animal (a squirrel, a hawk, a boar, a porcupine …).

These experiences take place in the 19 acres of Chão do Rio. About half of the property, the southern part, is a forest area, crossed by a signposted trail, which was named the " Moira” (fairy) trail, where guests can get in touch with the magic of nature.
The charming stone houses are located at the north part of the property, along with the rest of the infrastructures:
  • the bicycles
  • the wheelbarrows
  • the playground
  • the picnic area
  • the biological pool
  • the movable chicken coop
  • the sheep fold
  • the wood oven
  • the barbecue
  • the outdoor fireplace
  • and the vegetable garden.