At breakfast

Your breakfast basket at Chão do Rio has everything you need to prepare a comforting and tasty breakfast. Certainly you will to gain strength to explore the region.

To present you some of the local gastronomic delights, we have chosen for you:

wood-fired bread …
Made in the local bakery of Travancinha, delicious on a toast or fresh with cottage cheese and pumpkin jam, or just with butter when delivered at your door at 5 pm. You wont forget it!

the cottage cheese of Serra da Estrela/ or cured sheep cheese...…
This cottage cheese is produced on the region of Serra da Estrela and it has an unique flavor and texture. With rye bread and pumpkin jam is a real feast. However, the season of fresh sheep's milk doesn’t last forever, so in the hottest season we substitute the cottage cheese for cured sheep's cheese. This famous Serra da Estrela cheese needs no introduction.

pumpkin jam…
This jam is made by Emilia with pumpkins from her garden. You will love it!

honey from Serra da Estrela …
Flavored with rosemary and heather, you will taste the difference.

the dark cake of Loriga…
“It is thought to have over 150 years, this recipe from Loriga. It is a unique cake, with distinctive flavor and texture, original in its shape and dark colored. "It is pointed as probable origin its connection to the English "colony", resident in Loriga between the mid-nineteenth century and early twentieth century, due to the similarity of its shape to the typical English cake that traditionally accompanies the tea, this drink is also deeply rooted in Loriga. In

”Delicious, simple or as toast with butter, you will worship it with tea or coffee, which you will also find at your home in Chão do Rio.

fresh eggs…
We brought them from our moveable coop. Our chickens are happy, so our eggs are delicious.

To make your breakfast more nutritious and healthy we have also chosen for you homemade muesli and fruit from the season, which you may enjoy plain or in a fruit salad. You may also prepare a fresh orange juice with oranges that we always leave in your fruit bowl (you’ll find a juicer in your kitchen).

Of course, we also leave all other essential as yogurt, butter, chicken or turkey ham, which in addition to healthier, is also very tasty. The milk and Flemish cheese, come from the happy cows of the Portuguese Islands Azores and, therefore, are delicious.

And for your little ones you’ll find chocolate-powder, milk breads, artisan cookies and nectars from Portuguese fruit.

As for water, it comes from the Serra da Estrela, of course!