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Roman Path

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Although there are no studies to establish its true origin, it is assumed that the path that borders the property Chão do Rio, also known as "Canada das Cerejeiras" has a Roman origin and has been part of the Roman road “Via araocelum ad civitas Bobadela” connecting Mangualde (araocelum) to Bobadela (municipium) through:. Caldas da Felgueira, “Ponte do Moinho do Buraco”, Travancinha, Lagares and Travanca". (adapted from travancinha.pt)

GPS coordinates: 40º 25'09.64''N, 7º 49'25.05''W

St. Sebastian’s chapel

  • são sebastião

In this small chapel, located in the “Corro” neighborhood, you can find the image of the martyr Saint Sebastian, as well as the image of the Lord of the Steps.

GPS coordenates: 40º 25'15.39''N, 7º 49'16.44''W

Parish church

  • Igreija

The people of Travancinha have a strong religious nature. The village patroness is Our Lady of the Rosary, which appears in the main altar of the Parish church. Outside of this eighteenth century church, on its facade, there is a statue of St. Peter, made out of stone.

GPS coordinates: 40º 25'11.10''N, 7º 49'12.70''W

"Alminhas" (wayside shrine)

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"It's following the Council of Trent (1545-1563) that the Brotherhood of Souls is created as a way to institutionalize the belief in Purgatory and enforce the belief that the souls of the dead would come out of the Purgatory much sooner if more prayers and alms were made by the living.

Portugal is the only country that has in its cultural heritage the "Alminhas" (a type of wayside shrine), usually located on the edge of rural roads, at crossroads, into and out of the villages. These are popular representations of Souls in Purgatory who supplicate prayers and alms.

There are many "Alminhas" across the country. In Travancinha there are four. Until the last century, by them passed by, the pilgrims on the way to St. Euphemia. " In travancinha.pt

GPS coordenates: 40º 24'58.62''N, 7º 49'03.34''W

Chapel of Our Lady of Health

  • nossa senhora da saúde

The Chapel of Our Lady of Health, "former Chapel of St. Benedict, patron of the military orders (formerly belonged to the military detachment of Casal's County). Has its annual fiesta in honor of Our Lady ‘s Health on the Sunday after Easter. " In travancinha.pt

GPS coordenates: 40º 24'52.38''N, 7º 49'05.11''W


  • pelourinho

"Casal still has its pillory, built following the manueline charter, have been raised before the house of the former Commandery. It is said that originally was made out of wood, as often happened throughout the Middle Ages, but that after attempted robbery, was replaced by the presente model made out of stone. " In travancinha.pt

Classified as Public Interest Monument in 1933.

GPS coordenates: 40º 24'50.84''N, 7º 49'05.35''W